Welcome, I’m Stacie.

and It’s my honor to help you recover from Mom burnout.

I have been a stay at home mom for about 10 years. I’ve learned a lot since I was that young mom bubbling with excitement as I quit my full-time job. Life didn’t go as planned, but I never regretted becoming a stay at home mom. I loved it, and still believe it was the right choice for our family. But you can love being a stay at home mom and still get burned out. That is exactly what happened to me. 

Eventually the pressures, all the sacrifices, and the lack of time to myself caught up with me. You often have to hit bottom before you can truly make lasting changes. My last major burnout was the catalyst that motivated me to go on a journey to find time for myself and become a Bold and Daring Mom. 

I began to spiral down. I felt stuck and unmotivated. I felt like all I did was give to others with little appreciation in return. I felt overwhelmed, irritable, and resentful. Maybe you’ve felt the same way?

I felt horrible, so I began to figure out what was going on (burn out) and what I could do to feel better. I also read about how much I was potentially affecting my children by living with burnout. Like most moms, I might not do something for myself, but I would sure as heck do it for my children. That got me motivated like nothing else would!

I sought advice from the best experts in books and online, and I found a therapist. I ultimately figured out small steps that moms can include in their daily lives to make time for themselves and get out of the burnout rut.

Once I figured this out, I wanted to shout it to moms everywhere. “It doesn’t have to be this way! You can be a mom and an individual! You deserve to feel better! You Matter, Mom!”

That is when I decided to take my hobby blog and turn it into force to be reckoned with. Create a movement of moms that change what motherhood looks like, not only for ourselves but for our daughters. 

Moms, let’s start a motherhood revolution! Change the expectations society and family’s place on mothers. Rather than moms being raised up and praised for being selfless martyrs, let’s create a society that loves moms for the human beings they are. Let’s love moms for creating a life where they certainly love and care for their families, but also prioritize themselves and show their children how to create a more balanced life where moms also love and care for themselves. 

In order for our children to grow up having a strong sense of SELF LOVE, knowing THEIR SELF WORTH, and the CONFIDENCE to go after THEIR DREAMS, we need to show them how to do that as THEIR MOMS. In a society that doesn’t fully understand and appreciate this, WE, the BOLD AND DARING MOMS need to be brave enough to step up and show the world a new way for moms to care for themselves and raise caring, loving families for future generations of moms everywhere.